Yes! You, too, can be a woman who is cherished, worshipped and adored by men... 

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“I wish my partner would give me more attention and treat me special like he used to when we were younger and in love. Maybe I just need to work on my body or be prettier or sexier.”  

“I'm SO frustrated with dating men!! It feels like there are no good men out there. If one more man ghosts me, I'm going to SCREAM!!! I feel like giving up. Maybe I should just stay home and binge-watch my favorite shows on Netflix.” 

“I'm TIRED of trying to get my needs met with men. Why do I have to nag, cajole, manipulate to get what I want??!! Ugh. Why can't it just be simple?? Why is it SO much work??!” 

I want you to know you’re not alone. 

This is EXACTLY how I felt for nearly 20 years of being in relationships with men. I tried everything.  

I tried spending endless hours improving my body, learning how to seduce men, making my hair and face prettier, trying to be sexier, figuring out what the “rules” were, etc. And none of it worked.  

I was exhausted and after many failed relationships with men, I was ready to give up. 

Sadly, most women feel this way.  

They're desperate to get the attention they crave from men so they end up wasting vast sums of time, energy and money doing all the wrong things. They read book after book or take program after program agonizing over how to unlock men's hearts and gain their unwavering devotion. 

Others will focus on their looks (spending sooo much money and time) or they'll focus on...

....trying to be the perfect woman who supports her man flawlessly, constantly overriding her own needs. 

And once again, none of it works. 

I'm wondering if you have seen this in your own life? You make a seemingly endless investment of your time, energy and money to become the perfect woman every man should want. But it doesn't work.  

Here’s a piece of wisdom I hope you'll hear loud and clear:  

No matter what a good person you are, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you look like, no matter how perfect you are, no matter how many times you put his needs ahead of yours, in order to have men worship, cherish and adore you and treat you as their best friend, there are a fundamental set of skills you must learn: 

You must learn how to BE a Queen and how to communicate with men in a way that INSPIRES them to move mountains on your behalf. 

Most women settle for being a Petulant Princess or a Demanding Diva or a Miserable Martyr or a Withholding Whiner and they will never have the courage to be Queens.  

But NO, that is not you.  

You long to be a gracious, gorgeous, generous Queen who leads with love and wisdom. 

You also yearn to get more out of your relationships with men. More connection, more support, more protection, more passion, more adventure, more safety, more romance and most of all, you want a beautiful relationship with a man (or men ;)) where you uplift one another to heights you have not ever known before.  

I'm about to share a truth bomb with you so lean in. 

Have a look at your results in your relationships with men. Your results will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about whether your path with men will lead to success or not.  

And NO, it isn't that there aren't good men out there. There are plenty! 

It's that you haven't figured out how to have men rise to their greatness around you. Ouch.  

When I first admitted this to myself, I cried. A lot.  

It was incredibly painful to realize how I had been getting it wrong with men for so long no matter how hard I had been trying and no matter how perfect I wanted to be. And yet it was such a gift to admit this truth.  

It motivated me to learn everything I could about myself and about men and to master the skills that actually work. What was astonishing to me was how simple so much of it actually was. I’d been overcomplicating it for decades. 

On my path to gaining mastery, I tried and tested my learnings and theories on scores of men (I'm polyamorous so my life is a living-breathing-man-lab). 

I kept being told the same thing over and over, “there are no women like you” 

Or they'd say things like: 

“I've never felt so connected to a woman before” or “you’re the love of my life” or they would call me a unicorn or a yeti (LOL).  

When I would go to restaurants and get into conversations with men about what I was learning, they would invariably say, “can you teach that to my wife (or girlfriend)”.  

I knew I was on to something.  

Next I decided to teach my secret sauce to my students. 

These women were in all different types of relationships: long term, monogamous, non-monogamous and dating, as well as various types of sexual expression and the results they were getting were epic.  

Their relationships were turning around. The single ones were finding their Kings. They were feeling more confident and putting out a lot less effort while getting incredible results. Married women were recharging their relationships with their husbands, healing old resentments or disappointments and finding new levels of partnership, romance and sizzle.

So, this is what I leave you with in closing: 

If you’re not feeling deeply connected to and cherished by the men in your life, no amount of getting skinnier or having a firmer butt or giving up your own needs is going to give you the love you crave.  

You must learn how to live as a Queen and how to open the depth of men's hearts and devotion.  


Everything You Need To Open Men's Hearts And Have Men Cherish, Protect and Adore You 

Become a Queen™ is a LIVE and recorded mentoring program specifically designed to get YOU embodying the secrets to inspiring men so they connect with you more deeply and cherish you -- using simple hacks that WORK!!!!!


The Become a Queen™ program is an 8 week program and includes: 

  • Recorded short form video trainings 
  • Audios of all video trainings for on-the-go
  • Intensive online support from Kristin and the R.E.D. Sisterhood
  • Spontaneous pop-ups where Kristin answers Q's
  • Kristin's personal notes on 6+ hours of training with other master teachers
  • Bonus Resources 


She has what she has always longed and yearned for... her King.

What shifted for me through the process of the Become A Queen programme is that I actually became a Queen and managed to manifest a really amazing man in my life who treats me like his Queen, makes me feel loved, adored, respected, cherished, supported like never before...etc. 

It's really been life changing. I now have what I have always longed and yearned for. 

I learnt that to become a Queen, I needed a role model to show me how to be, how to move, walk, talk, eat, dance, love... like a Queen, and ultimately reign as a Queen, which Kristin modeled, and continues to model, beautifully. 

Through being part of the RED Sisterhood, I have learned so much, so much is shifting, and in the process, I am becoming so much more than what I could have ever imagined I could be. 

The biggest gift is the opportunity to live my most R.E.D. Life ever! And for that I am forever grateful to Kristin and my fellow Sisters for just being here for me and witnessing me on my journey. 

Reitumetse Langa Sales Manager South Africa  

She learned how to love and respect herself...

The journey has been magical. I have gained clarity, love, happiness and juiciness. 

Kristin taught me to love and respect myself and my inner knowing. I am a more relaxed mother, friend, co-worker. In fact, I am moving up in my current job big time, bigger office, more responsibilities, etc. Now I feel like I can go anywhere and just being me is enough.  

ANNA RISSANEN Entrepreneur Canada


Week 1 


During this LIVE training, you’ll: 

  • Be introduced to the R.E.D. approach to transforming blame, criticism and self loathing into love, beauty, grace and ease
  • Understand how to navigate your most painful emotions so he doesn't pull away from you emotionally
  • Discover the types of emotions that have caused you to break trust with a man and guaranteed that he'd pull away from you.
  • Learn the core elements of how to build deep and lasting trust with men so that they cherish you. 
  • Read all or part of the Queen's Code, an ebook that has blown my students' minds and their relationships with men wide open

Week 2 


During this LIVE training, you’ll:  

  • Begin to master the 6 core qualities every Queen possesses
  • Choose who *your* Queen can be if she is fully supported
  • Discover the ways that you treat men that disempower you both
  • Laugh out loud when you realize *who* you are trying to make men be

Week 3  


This week is sacred and deep:  

  • Discover why you don't naturally have your own back and how it's not your fault
  • Heal from all the times you abandoned yourself in order to get love
  • Reconnect with the little girl within who has adapted but has been too afraid to say what she wants and needs
  • Begin to understand how having your own back is the key to everything else you want in relationships

Week 4  


When we emasculate men, it leads to a lack of trust . But trust is something you'll need with men to bring out their highest and best qualities. During this pillar, you’ll:  

  • Explore the places where you really don't trust men to have your back and to protect your tender heart
  • Learn my magic trick for building trust with EVERY man and for training him to be my HERO
  • Make an uber powerful choice to give up the right to emasculate men

Week 5  


Most women do not know what they want and need in their relationships with the men and boys in their lives. They also don't know how to receive what they've already been given:  

  • Gain an appreciation for why it is vital that you get your needs met. It's not an option!
  • Discover the 3 most important questions you need to ask and answer before you take one more step in any relationship 
  • Step-by-step process for figuring out what you want in your relationships with men

Week 6


This is where you get to learn my magic formula for inspiring men to make you happy. You'll learn: 

  • Why most newbies to feminine power misunderstand and misuse it which causes it to backfire
  • Must follow dos and don'ts in your conversations with men so you come off as compelling, believable and you open their hearts
  • Understand how to communicate (through what you feel in your body) with men so they respond to you 
  • Engage in labs to help you get clear about your different needs (some will be non-negotiables) and how to put them in the magic formula

Week 7


It's time to see how your new-found tools work out in the "real world":  

  • You will choose at least one man to ask for a need to be met
  • You'll have the support of your Red Sisters as you try your new tools
  • You'll delightfully discover what works and what doesn't and then come back to workshop it with your R.E.D. Sisters 

Week 8


Without this last week, you would likely fall on your face like I did. This week is an extension of Week 3 where you made a commitment to have your own back :  

  • Discover a key "boundaries" framework that will help you flourish in your relationships and to behave with more grace.
  • How to know who to bring closer and who to move away
  • Why feelings aren't the most important barometer for who to be close to
  • How to "love from a distance" and why that can be the most loving thing to do
  • Why "ghosting" is absolutely unacceptable for any man or woman to do
  • How to set your relationships up so you don't get ghosted again
  • Be delightfully surprised when these tools affect all of your relationships, even women

She went from feeling hopeless, in a failing relationship, to turning it around and marrying her love...

Life before R.E.D and becoming a queen, I felt empty, anxious and depressed. My sleep was minimal. My libido was at its all time lowest and I felt ugly inside and out. It was affecting all of my relationships, especially with my Lover and my teenage boys.

I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew my Lover wasn't giving me the attention I craved and we no longer seemed to desire one another. Even though I loved him, we were hanging on by a thread. I was certain he would leave me any day. I also knew I didn't know how to relate to my teenage boys which was hard. I was feeling hopeless.

Then in came Kristin and her R.E.D. programs.  

I went all in with Becoming A Queen and magically life changed. I felt more alive, hopeful and in my body. My Lover noticed me more and couldn’t keep his hands off me. 

As I learned to effectively communicate with my Lover I found my deepest needs being met. As I learned to really listen to my man his heart opened. It has blown my mind at how far we have come in the four years since being in the R.E.D. programs. My Lover is now my fiancé and we are getting married in three weeks and guess who's marrying us? Our beloved Kristin. Only seems fitting. 

We both know that without Kristin and the R.E.D. programs, we wouldn’t have made it and that would have been a very sad thing to have lost indeed. 

ISOBEL PENNEL Dancing Eros Facilitator Santa Clara, California  

She magnetizes men who protect and support her expanding power... 

What has shifted for me in doing Become a Queen (and other R.E.D. programs) is being in my Queen, especially with the men in my life. Really inhabiting my divine feminine daily and especially in my intimate relationships. 

It's such a huge change, having men who LOVE me in my power, who think that's the best thing about me and want to protect and support me so I can become even bigger and more powerful in my sexuality and in my life. It's freakin' revolutionary.  

What really stands out for me is I feel safe. I feel like it's not only okay for me to expand and grow - it really is a service to the world, and these men in my life are now reflecting that for me. 

ANNE MORE Santa Fe, New Mexico  



2 Free Months in R.E.D. Sisterhood, an intimate community of women who support one another to be more Radiant. Erotic. Divine. 

The R.E.D. Sisterhood is a special place. Very special. Kristin has cultivated a warm, loving, intimate environment where you will be able to be authentically yourself. You will turn to the sisterhood in times of pain, need, joy and transformation. Unlike most online communities, Kristin is personally involved and interacts with R.E.D. Sisterhood members every day, often appearing live on video. Specific benefits of R.E.D. Sisterhood are:

  • Coaching call with Kristin 1x per month
  • Sensual Sunday Live 1x per month
  • Intimate FB Lives with Kristin where she does her morning routine with you almost daily 
  • And plenty of bonuses as she feels inspired!!  

 (Value $176 but really, it's priceless) Included With Become a Queen™


Full Moon Rituals New Moon Rituals Summer Solstice Ritual 

While all of these are included in your initial R.E.D. Sisterhood Membership, we want you to know how rich it is in helping you connect with the Divine Feminine within.

  • Full Moon Releasing Rituals
  • New Moon Manifesting Rituals
  • Summer Solstice Ritual 

(Value $428) Included With Become a Queen™


6+ Hours of Interviews and Q&A's between Kristin + Alison (two extraordinary teachers) as they discuss how to live as a Queen 

Alison Armstrong is the author of the Queen's Code and a masterful teacher in how to be a queen. She and Kristin conducted several hours of interviews. Kristin also compiled notes from these teaching if you just want the highlights, she has provided them for you.

(Value $498) Included with Become a Queen™

She went from constantly snapping at her lover to joy, turn-on, success ...

Before I met Kristin I was living in so much masculine energy I constantly snapped at my lover (and quite frankly everyone around me). I couldn’t find my way back to my feminine body or trust that it truly was the source of success. 

I tried a lot of methods from therapy to dance to personal coaching, but I was too smart for my own good. I could get away with looking really good on the outside.  

It wasn’t until Kristin came into my life that real, deep and true transformation occurred in my life.  

She is a blessing in the lives of thousands of women and has created a community of sisters unlike anything I have known.  

I’m thrilled to say that I live life with true joy, deep turn-on and more success than I have ever dreamed I would have.  

JAIYA Boulder, Colorado  

She went from lost and depleted to living as a Queen (plus she now has epic Sisterhood)

Before R.E.D., Kristin and Become a Queen™ I had blips of joy and radiance then, it was almost entirely “fake it ’til you make it” with no knowledge of how it happened or how to make it last. It required more energy than I had available, my adrenals were shot and I was super sick and depleted.

I was in pieces when I found Kristin, completely lost to mySelf. With gentle precision and fierceness, she has given me tools and blessed me with super powers to learn to love and treat myself as a queen.  

My bar is set so high now for the quality of women and men I have in my life, professionally and personally, there is no difference. I am rich with true and deep friendships from the online RED sisterhood of queens, that Kristin has brought together.  

She is the real deal and who you have been waiting for. We have a throne waiting just for you, come join us!


A note from Kristin plus a summary of what you get with Become a Queen™: 

From Kristin: 

"If you decide to go on this journey to Become a Queen™, you get my wisdom, knowledge and expertise. But more than that, you get me. 

I will be here with you every step of the way during your 8 weeks in this revolutionary program and hopefully beyond. 

I teach a combination of short form videos and audios, combined with powerful LIVE sessions with me. This format is what I've found is *the* most potent method for helping each student transform. 

So long as you are showing up and doing the work, I will help you. Your new community of beautiful sisters will help you.

You will see once you get inside the R.E.D. Sisterhood community how much love, safety and generosity is available for you there. You just need to say "YES!"

With love and possibility, Kristin 

To summarize, the Become a Queen™ program is an 8 week program, delivered in 8 pillars, which includes:  

  • Recorded short form video trainings 
  • Audios of all video trainings for on-the-go
  • Handouts to illustrate certain concepts
  • Playsheets to summarize each pillar
  • Intensive online support from Kristin and the R.E.D. Sisterhood
  • Spontaneous pop-ups where Kristin answers Q's
  • Kristin's personal notes on 6+ hours of training with other master teachers 
  • 2 month membership to R.E.D. Sisterhood (totally worth the price of admission)
  • A free ticket to Red LIVE in Boulder, CO (only in 2019)
  • A Bonus training on Dating Like a Queen
  • A Bonus training on Parenting Like a Queen


Q: What does the Become a Queen™ program entail? 

A: 8 weeks of recorded training, combined with FB LIVES with Kristin to deepen your learning, an intimate sisterhood to support you in your training. You also receive audios to use on-the go, along with handouts to illustrate your learning and playsheets to summarize your learning.  

A very very important part of your program includes the intimate R.E.D. Sisterhood community. Women come for my trainings but they stay for the Sisterhood. It is unlike anything you've experienced and will likely heal your past hurts with woen.  

Q: What format is the Become a Queen™ program delivered in?  

A: We use email, FB and google docs to deliver most of the content to you. At the end of the program, you will be sent a document with all of the downloads. This program is yours to own for life.  

Q: When does the Become a Queen™ program start and end?  

A: It starts on June 17, officially and ends on August 8.  

Q: Is this program Live or recorded?  

A: Everything is recorded. There are several LIVE sessions with me that I offer live and then I give you the recordings on Facebook and as downloads at the end of the program so you can revisit the content as often as you would like to.  

Q: How much time do I need each week to be successful?  

A: That is totally up to you. In class time will be about 45 minutes each week. Some weeks will be a bit less and 3 weeks will be a bit more.  

The women who are going to be the most successful are the ones who ask me questions, who do the homework, who really make this training a priority in their lives.

Most women fill their lives with busy-ness that just does NOT matter. I would recommend you do an assessment to see if you need to make more room in your life for this, if it’s important enough to you.  

Q: Will I miss out if I can’t be LIVE or I’m going on vacation or have to work?  

A: No. First of all, everything is recorded. Second, I do not want you to let a vacation or other commitment prevent you from joining this program. I will not offer it again until 2020. That’s too long to wait.  

You will get all of the downloads at the end of the program to revisit as many times as you like. You will also have the sisterhood to support you should you be gone for a bit.  

Q: What if I live in another timezone such as Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia? 

A: Our students are literally from all over the world. The Pillars are released each Friday so you can watch over the weekend in your own time. For the FB LIVES with Kristin, oftentimes Europeans, Africans and Australians will watch on replay and that is totally fine!  

Q: Does this training apply to my relationship with my father, son, brother, etc.?  

A: Absolutely. Yes. It will apply to ALL of your relationships.