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It is time to be done carrying everything on your shoulders.  It is time for you to feel supported and taken care of, like the Queen you are.  It is time for you to go from depleted and often overwhelmed to being happier, more magnetic, more alluring than ever.  More Beauty. More Radiance. More Love.


Instant Invite to Radiance Booty Camp
You will join hundreds of other women who have decided to immerse themselves in Radiance

  • Every day you will receive short but powerful instructions on how to boost your Radiance, including brief inspiration calls with me, PDF's, short videos and worksheets.
  • Some of you still believe age matters when it comes to beauty.  That is total B.S.  Age doesn't matter one whit.  Some of the most beautiful women I know (see photo to right: 44, 50, 58, no photo shop) all know these secrets.  (surprise: I'm bringing a little of their magic to Radiance Booty Camp)
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My Bedroom is Your Virtual Classroom
You'll get to see many of my Radiance Routines straight from my life, in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

  • So often, when you are trying to learn something new, your options are to read a book, take a boring online class or try to get some private coaching.  How often is a mentor willing to bring you into the intimacy of her life so you can emulate what she does?  
  • You'll learn how to become a Goddess Rising, complete with EXACTLY what I do in the mornings to ensure my day is started with a connection to my feminine power.
  • Sleep is the most important aspect of living a rockin' life.  Most women cut this short because of their "to do" lists.  By now you are starting to get a sense of the costs.  In Radiance Booty Camp, I teach you how to catch your Goddess Train which will set you up for success in every other way.
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Transform Your Habits for More Feminine Power
My BEST tool for creating a life that totally Rocks

  • The #1 mistake that ruins the progress most women make is not having an effective model for creating new habits.  So, the program and workshop ends and she slowly goes back to how life has always been.  We are going to change that.  Radically.
  • In Radiance Booty Camp, I am going to share with you my exclusive model for how to find the habits that are draining your energy (and your radiance) and start to let go of those destructive habits.
  • Then I'll teach you the most powerful method I know of for creating and keeping NEW habits.  Before you know it, you'll be a more radiant, magnetic woman who loves her life.  Sound good?
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Get Your Needs Met (especially with men)
One of the most important skills you can learn as a woman.

  • Oh, lady, this is one that kills me to see women stumble with.  How on earth can you be radiant if you are NOT getting your needs met? if you're always struggling to accomplish and produce results?  
  • What would life be like if you felt consistently supported and adored by men (and women alike)?  
  • I'm going to teach you my super quick, crazy magical way to get your needs met with anyone.  It's a combo of mine and Alison Armstrong's teachings.  (surprise: I'm bringing her teachings to this program as well)
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Two Months in R.E.D. Sisterhood!!
A Sisterhood Becoming More Radiant. Erotic. Divine.

  • Western women have become more and more isolated as they have moved into a more masculine lifestyle than ever.  It is destroying our health (and our happiness and relationships...more on that in Radiance Booty Camp).
  • R.E.D. Sisterhood consists of powerful, present, loving women who are committed to not only living incredible lives as women but to supporting their sisters in doing so.  
  • I believe this is the most important element of being in Radiance Booty Camp but you won't know until you join.  I coach every day in the Sisterhood as well so you will get a lot of access to me.
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Normally $298 - Today Only $198




Bust the Myths of Menopause 

I am going to teach you how to Bust the Myths of Menopause and how to Rock Your Power Stage.  So many women need a giant belief change regarding menopause.  

$48 Bonus


Sexy Shopping List and Supplements PDF

Get my sexy shopping and supplement list so you can lead your best life today.

$98 Bonus


Glowing Goddess Guide PDF

You are going to get insider scoop on "Red Carpet Ready" secrets I spent tens of thousands of dollars acquiring.  You'll get those secrets in a Guide so that you can easily choose which secrets you want to incorporate into your nutrition and beauty routine.

$1298 Bonus


Your Guide to Conscious Flirting

If you can believe it, it took me 40+ years to learn how to flirt.  I was unconsciously afriad of the attention I would receive.  Now that I've got this dialed in, I LOVE it.  It is a key to having others jump at the chance to do things for you.  

$98 Bonus


Cultivate Your Radiance PDF

So many of my tips and secrets have been distilled down for you in an easy to read PDF.  This document will help you decide which habits are most important for you to start NOW and which ones can wait.

$148 Bonus


Radiance Kick Off Coaching Call with K

Woo Hoo!!  There's no better way to help you get a jump start on a program that is going to rock your world than being with me!!  The LIVE call is Monday, April 4.  If you can't be there, do not fret, we'll send you the replay by the following morning!  

$48 Bonus


Queen's Code E-Book 

I'm buying YOU the Queen's Code Book written by Alison Armstrong.  Yep, that's right sister.  This book has been SO transformational for my students in understanding men and getting their needs met with them, that I MUST give it to you.  This Bonus will 30 days after you sign up, when we read the book together as a HUGE book club!!

$15 Bonus


Beauty Bites

What are Beauty Bites?  They are short videos giving you closely guarded secrets to turn back the clock on aging.  We'll teach you HOW to turn comfort foods into super hero foods.

$98 Bonus


Shakaya's Sensual Spa & Beauty Elixirs

This is a PDF chocked full of recipes for smoothies, juices, yummies to put on your face, in your bath and on your body.  I LOVE this guide!!!!!  And I think you will too.

$38 Bonus


Turn Back the Clock on Aging Interview

I've done hundreds of interviews in my career.  This is THE most informative and revolutionary for your beauty.  The information shared is absolutely incredible and NOT information you have access to.  Learn in this interview and start looking dewy, younger and supremely glowing!!

$348 Bonus


Normally $298 - Today Only $198