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It’s a Revival of your Pleasure. It’s 5 days. It’s totally FREE.

November 3rd through 7th, in the evenings.

It’s all ONLINE. (from the comfort of your own living room)

You, tens of thousands of women from around the world plus the experts who’ve helped me transform my health, happiness, pleasure, sex and relationships.

Everything you’ve ever wanted literally depends on your ability to expand into more pleasure.



Put your name and email address in the boxes provided. Here are all the steps:


Signup below to be an integral part of the Pleasure Revolution!


Check your email for the next step.

a. If you are NOT a member of the Impact Posse, you will receive a form to fill out in your email, you know, to make you official in our tribe 😉

b. If you ARE an Impact Posse member, you’re already in the tribe. We will send you all the juicy details for how to help ignite the revolution in your email.


Welcome to the revolution. Pay close attention to the next three weeks. There are going to be some really exciting, juicy, delicious things happening and YOU are in the inside track! A VIP member. Make sure to share this with your girlfriends, your besties, your mom, your sisters and every other woman you know.

And yes – we will absolutely provide you with all the things you need to create buzz and sign up your tribe! But honestly, the very best promotion is what you do from your heart. YOUR excitement will shine through. So don’t wait for us. (But we will get resources such as email copy, social media posts to you real soon!)

A big part of Impact Posse is the difference you can make by joining forces with me and tens of thousands of other women as we do our part to end violence against women.

We’ll be raising funds the last few days of the Revival and donating them to V-Day, brainchild of Eve Ensler (from the epic Vagina Monologues) through donations. More details on this when you opt-in


Since the event is Free, you might be wondering how you’ll get paid. You’ll make commissions on those women who elect to buy one of the upgrade packages once they enter The Red Tent.

You’ll make 50% of select programs that are purchased (by the peeps who come in through you) during the Red Tent Revival and afterward. More on this once you opt-in.

Woo Hoo ma lady!!! I’m excited to partner with you.


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