Become a Queen™

Yes! You, too, can be happier, more magnetic, more  

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read it. La la lahtheadbf thera awesome!


Become a Queen™

Yes! You, too, can be happier, more magnetic, more  

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read it. La la lahtheadbf thera awesome!


Are you ready for the next level?

If you’re ready to graduate beyond “lean back” in dating men, and “pussy power” as your personal development strategy, you might be in the right place.  

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with those concepts.  There’s not.  They are helpful to get you started on your dating and feminine power journeys.

What I am saying is there is so much more power for you to claim as a woman beyond those basic teachings.

Here, in RED Sisterhood™, we go next level.

Meet Tumi...

Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Tumi's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

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After Become A Queen™, I now feel truly WORTHY of being treated as a Queen. I didn't realise this was standing in my way all along.     

I manifested my 1st real King through the BQ Program which has been most life changing. As I deepen my learning, I am becoming more and more of a Queen. I am actually mastering the skill of really listening - i.e. shutting up and listening without any interruptions whatsoever! This used to be quite difficult for me. Now I can listen with calmness, even if I don't necessarily agree with what is being said by the man in question. Amazing! Thank you!! :-)

What I would say: becoming a Queen in my own life has really been the result of spending lots of quality time with Kristin Sweeting Morelli, someone who has modeled, and continues to model, in exceptionally powerful ways how to be a real Queen in today's world. This has been the fastest, most elegant way for me to transform, and I recommend Kristin as a mentor for any woman wanting to become a Queen in their own life. Thank you.

Kristin, you know how I feel about you. You really rock my world :-) and I love you so much! Thank you for everything! You have been incredibly good and generous, and my life would not be the same without you. Thank you Team KSM for your amazing support. Love and appreciate you too! XXX

Tumi Langa, XX, Partnered
Johannesburg, South Africa

Mastery Program

It’s important for you to know that this is a mastery level program. 

I refuse to dumb down my offering to fit the masses. This program is *not* for most women. This program is for women who feel the pull of this message and know their Queenly life is waiting for them on the other side. 

There are many programs out there that pitch themselves to be mastery programs. They will cost you five times the price of Become a Queen™, and you will get a fraction of what you get here. 

I am in the Facebook group every day. I am generous with my time. I read your posts, I answer questions, I interact with you on every Facebook LIVE I do. I care deeply about your growth, but you need to be ready for what I have to offer. 

If this is your first foray into transformational work, I’m not your teacher yet, but I can be someday. 

I do not want you to join this program if this is your last $1,000. I am not interested in anyone going into scarcity to join this program. If that’s where you are right now, then join My RED Life™, my $18/month lifestyle program. It’s an excellent introduction to living RED, and just by being there you’ll get a taste of the Queen life. (and it won’t stay $18/month for long...we’ll be raising it to $88/month soon. Those who sign up by 7/31 will get grandmothered in at the founding member’s price!)

Meet Ciaran...

Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Ciaran's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

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I am forever learning and becoming more of a Queen and showing up that way in every way.

It is a journey where sometimes it's easy and other times a challenge but I find myself more aware of my behaviours and how I show up even if I don't always get it right and therefore learn from that.     

Being aware of my triggers and how when I'm not getting my needs met, how much harder it is to be a Queen.

Noticing my control dramas and working through those gives me cause to celebrate.    

I wish I had found the R.E.D Sisterhood earlier but am so thankful that I am part of this Amazing tribe. I truly believe that The things I've learnt from Kristin about myself and how to be a Queen with Grace and ease should be taught in school.

Without R.E.D I would never have laid down my sword & chosen to stop emasculating men.

I am excited to have my relationship grow and be able to have my daughters see the change in me and help them with the men and boys in their lives.

My oldest has twin boys almost 1 yrs old.

I'm so thankful to have all these tools with my grandsons.

I am forever grateful to my beautiful friend that introduced me to the R.E.D Sisterhood and to Kristin xxx   

I love and appreciate how much Kristin opens up her heart to us. She radiates this love ❤ so freely and gives so much of herself so that I/we can grow. I can't thank you enough Kristin 💋.

I love how Kristin calls us out on our bullshit when it's needed, without that there's no growth and no matter who it's with, it helps all of grow🙏.

I am also so grateful for the whole R.E.D Team as without you I know it all wouldn't run so smoothly 🙏❤

Ciaran Luxford, 50, Married
Aqua Aerobics Instructor
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


If you’re a woman who doesn’t want to mess around...good. Neither am I. 

One of my superpowers is my ability to cut through the BS and get right to the heart of the issue. If you’re ready to actually get off the hamster wheel of your patterns and stop living symptomatically and putting bandaids on your problems, then I am your teacher. 

There will be no surface-level crap in this program. This is for women who are ready to dive deep.

Meet Allie...
Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Allie's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

If you want to embody your feminine power in a real-world, everyday-life, actionable kind of way (without all the ethereal woowoo hype), R.E.D. will help you do just that.

Become a Queen™ goes far beyond the conceptual and dives gracefully into the practical.

During the program I was primarily expecting (prerecorded) modules, but Kristin was extremely generous with pop-ups and live videos; she answered our questions and modeled specific ways to embody the concepts.

I gained a mountain worth each time she modeled and showed us how to really embody being a Queen.  I’m getting so much better at setting boundaries which is not something that came intuitively to me.

She gave me permission to be me, to set boundaries and to have my needs a really beautiful, graceful, compassionate way.

Allie Finch, XX, Married
Doctor of Physical Therapy,
Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Intensive Learning

This program is intensive and deep. I’ve often been told that learning from me for the first time is like trying to drink out of a firehose. There will be more than you can swallow at once, for sure. 

You can certainly choose to take it light if you want to. You can hack your way through it (by just watching the module videos and doing the homework) and you’ll still get a hell of a lot out of it. 

But you have an opportunity with this program to turn your behaviors and patterns on their head and change your whole life. You can free the next generation from much of the pain and trauma that you have lived through. 

Meet Sonya...

Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Tumi's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

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I am more confident in asking for what I want sooner rather than later before resentment builds. I am also more confident to have these conversations with my partner from a relaxed space rather than being on guard. I am still working on expressing boundaries. ;)     

I have been WAY more mindful at the ways I have been emasculating men and making them wrong. This has allowed me to see them as allies and *truly* listen to them from an open heart vs defensiveness.

BQ is life changing for the relationship with myself and relationships with men. Instead of being in the struggle with understanding men and how to express my needs, I see how we can both be thriving together AND get our needs met. This course has given me the tools to step into a Queen and really take responsibility for my whole being-ness and how that impacts, shapes, and forms relationships with men.

Thank you for the clear emails that outlined all the steps to take each week. This was very helpful in following along. Thank you for offering so many videos and pop ups that included so much wisdom. Thank you for reading all of our posts and being so available to all of us women in the program. Truly life changing!

Sonya Stewart, XX, Partnered
Boulder, Colorado, USA


This program is not just intensive, it’s immersive. If you choose to go deep with it and show up in the RED Sisterhood™ facebook group, you will be in my energy every day, as well as the energy of the Sisterhood which I have cultivated intentionally for the last 7 years. 

We will also be doing a BONUS womb immersion during the program, which is an opportunity to be with me every single day, learning how to ground into your womb and into the seat of your power. 

You will not be doing this program on your own, unless you choose to. This is not a program where you sit by yourself at home, watch some videos, and learn some concepts. You will be entering the world of RED alongside hundreds of other women who are ready to uplevel as women. The level of growth you will experience as a result will blow your mind. 

Meet Leah...

Write Leah's testimonial with this angle.

Group Program with Unparalleled Support

Are you sitting there thinking, “this is a group program. I’m looking for deep support. How will I possibly get what I came here for?”

First of all, congratulations on being a woman who knows what she wants! 

Second, let me assure you that I personally am in the RED Sisterhood™ group every single day. I answer questions, I read all comments, and I frequently do pop ups to address the main roadblocks that come up for my students during the program. My students will tell you that the level of support they receive from me is unparalleled to any other online community they’ve ever been part of. 

Meet Jaime...

Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Jaime's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

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The first time I ever saw Kristin speak, I had a full body, whole-hearted YES to learning from her.  It took me a year but investing in the Become a Queen program is one of the BEST choices I've ever made for my personal development, and I've been in this game a long time!  Kristin is wise, embodied, smart, loving, fierce, generous, and divine.  Her integrity is unparalleled, her wisdom deep and anchored.  I learned and experienced SO much transformation in this program.  I've been craving these skills and tools for so long, ached for them --as I think so many women do, consciously or not.  This program is the beginning of a journey of RADICAL change for me.  As a recent divorcee who first felt hopeless I could be in healthy partnership again (okay everrrrr), I have a completely renewed hope that the epic love I know in my bones is possible.  And because of this program I can show up better for it.  I will forever be grateful to Kristin for every moment of this program.  

The container she holds and the integrity of the women who gather there is absolutely exceptional.  I felt safe, seen, held, and honored in the group.  I want all my friends to take this program too, it's that good.  

Kirstin is a true goddess embodied and she empowers every woman she teaches to embody her own inner goddess, but in a super grounded, embodied, practical way.  Deeply deeply grateful.  Without a single hesitation, I whole heartedly recommend this program if you are ready to step onto your path of greater communication, deeper alignment with yourself (your needs, feelings and integrity), more pleasure and joy in life, and so much more.  To becoming a Queen!

Jaime Fleres, XX,
Asheville, North Carolina, USA


 One of the things that sets the Become a Queen™ program apart from anything else of its kind on the marketplace is the RED Sisterhood™. 

This program is not done in a vacuum. You’ll be learning, practicing, and growing alongside hundreds of other women who are also hungry to become the most upleved versions of themselves. 

As you open up into your feminine energies, one of your strongest needs will be for connection and community. The RED Sisterhood™ will provide that for you. It will be a huge part in quantum leaping your learning. As women, we grow best in a nurturing, safe, connected environment. 

My tools and hacks will help you strengthen your relationships with your loves, your family, your friends. And the RED Sisterhood™ gives you a safe environment in which to practice these tools before "road testing" them in your day-to-day life.

While the Sisterhood is an online community, it is more vulnerable and authentic than most in-person communities I or my students have ever experienced. 

Many of my students say that the Sisterhood is the safest community they've ever been a part of. My team and I are fiercely loving in maintaining a container of safety, confidentiality and personal responsibility for all our benefit.

Meet Candice...

Here's where Kristin and the team can say a little bit about Candice's story and how she experienced RED and Become a Queen....

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I know myself more.

I have more compassion for the men in my life. I’m not as critical. I have better boundaries. I can usually tease out the unmet need from a reaction I’m having to a situation.

Everything is energy! I can reframe my whole vibration in the span of a minute and change how I’m responding to people and how people respond to me. I did this just yesterday at a kids party I brought my daughter to, I started feeling anxious and like I didn’t know anybody so I grounded into my womb and then walked up to someone and had a great chat. The longer I’m in this sisterhood the more Embodies the Red tools are becoming and my life is just flowing better!
I’ve truly never encountered a teacher like Kristin, she has a deep understanding of masculine and feminine dynamics, communication and energy. She regularly has jaw dropping, needle moving insights. Please do not underestimate the value to be had by being a part of this sisterhood and having access to Kristin, especially in the live format. The container she fiercely and lovingly holds is sacred medicine in itself.

I haven’t even spoken about her energy and presence yet! Kristin is magnetic, graceful, wise and loving. The shifts in your life that you can have by embracing this sisterhood are the incredibly powerful, embodied deep in your bones, meaningful shifts. 

I feel like this sisterhood has saved my life. I was not walking my own path and I became numb, I didn’t know any other way. I was unhappy in my life and how I was showing up in my interactions and lack of depth in connections. I couldn’t understand my partner. The shifts that I’ve had in understanding and presence over the last year have been life changing, I have tears and tightness in my throat as I think of how grateful I am for this experience. How thankful I am to be a lifetime member in this sisterhood. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m doing a happy dance around my room because I feel so blessed by your presence! Thank you for showing up for us, for caring for us, for sharing with us from your own life and being vulnerable. You are making the world a better for so many people, the effects of this ripple out far beyond the pure magic contained within this sisterhood.

Candice Williams, 33, Long Term Relationship
London, England

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