Yes! You, too, can reclaim your Feminine Power, I'll show you how...

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Everything You Need To Reclaim A Sacred Aspect Of Your Feminine Power  

 "Power of Femininity is a legendary LIVE mentoring program with me, specifically designed to get you turned on, tapped in and lit up from the inside out while teaching you the untold secrets to your Feminine Power. 

"It's about the reclamation of your relationship with a 'must-have' aspect of yourself, an aspect that cannot go ignored if you want to to be fully empowered as woman and to be the heroine in your life that can bring you lots of magic -- using the exact wisdom and techniques I've invested over a decade and several hundred thousand dollars mastering!!!!!"

The Power of Femininity™ program includes: 

  • Bite-size pre-recorded trainings from Kristin
  • Spontaneous pop-ups where Kristin answers member Q's
  • Audios, Videos, Playsheets to address all learning styles
  • Downloads of all the pre-recorded training offered, to keep for life
  • The support of several hundred women on the same journey
  • BONUS Weekly LIVE trainings, rituals, or gatherings with Kristin
  • BONUS Glowing Goddess Guide™ to Hormones
Sold Out!



Every Woman Needs It (Including You)

In order to get you on the path to cultivating the Power of Your Femininity, we will start with Sisterhood as it's an essential ingredient to your success: 

  • Learn about the vital importance of sisterhood in your happiness as a woman
  • Discover and heal the past hurts you've had with women 
  • Learn the 9 principles of being a great sister to help you create beautiful friendships
  • Be surprised by the revolutionary ingredient needed in every awesome female relationship (this will be new for you)
  • How to recover with elegance and grace when a friend hurts you or when you hurt a friend  
  • Learn a 30 second hack that will dramatically improve your happiness, health and well-being


CLAIM YOUR INNER QUEEN - Let Them Feel Your Power  

Inside every woman is a Queen, she just hasn't discovered it yet:

  • Unpack and heal your resistance to being a Queen in your life
  • Learn why you being in your Queen is essential to the happiness of all those around you
  • Explore embodying the energy of your inner Queen
  • Be wow-ed by the #1 life-changing tool Kristin teaches all of her students (this alone is worth the course)
  • Discover what desires and needs are not being met in your life
  • Find out what you've been tolerating, how you've been overriding and learn to transform these habits
  • Reclaim 3 non-negotiable needs that you have and learn how to get them met
  • Learn the revolutionary practice of "loving from a distance" and how that can heal your relationships
  • Begin recognizing how to keep relationships clean and free from drama


EXUDE RADIANCE - It's Your Greatest Gift 

I can't say it more plainly than this, "your radiance is your greatest gift." You must cultivate it: 

  • Be introduced to how your radiance dramatically affects everyone in your life
  • Unearth the ways you are giving your power away and leaking your radiance
  • Learn hacks to boost your radiance
  • Discover how to eat to turn back the clock on aging while increasing your glow
  • Learn my magic techniques for fueling your day by tapping into your feminine power in the a.m. and p.m.
  • Begin to understand the devastating effects of cortisol on your happiness, libido, hormones and beauty
  • Practice loving your body just as she is and how to adorn her for maximum beauty
  • Tap into orgasmic energy for a more vibrant YOU


SIMMER WITH SENSUALITY - Learn the Ways of a Goddess 

Most women are so unpracticed at feminine energy that they eat, sit, walk, talk like men. You are going to learn to shimmer with your sensuality:  

  • Discover the "flavors of the feminine"
  • Practice sitting, eating, walking and talking from your feminine power
  • Tap into the way your body wants to move and deeply embody her own Goddess energy 
  • Embody, embody, embody expanded ways of expressing your sensuality 


TRANSFORM INTO WONDER WOMAN - Unleash Your Superpowers

This week is epic!! You will learn super power tools you have not learned anywhere else:  

  • Awaken to the sheer power of receiving
  • Bust up your blocks to deeply receiving so that others are more generous with you
  • Let go of a long held myth about gratitude that simply does not work
  • Discover the 2nd most revolutionary tool my students have said has changed their lives
  • Learn a quick process to release the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • Master the art of shifting your energy to be a presence of love or turn on or power or whatever you want to bring
  • Practice shifting your energy with 11 BONUS energy tools 


ENCHANT MEN - Be Cherished and Get What You Want 

Our relationships with men are essential to our happiness. In this week, you will learn why we need them and we need to learn to be in partnership with them:  

  • Discover what inspires a man to help you and what turns him off
  • Learn what you are doing to disempower the men and boys in your life and why that's so harmful to them
  • How to ask for your desires to be met in a way that has him inspired and saying YES!
  • See the value of your own masculine energy to get shit done and to support it in a sustainable way 
  • Learn how to shift between your own masculine and feminine in a moment's notice so you can operate in your full power


EMBRACE RITUAL - Replenish Your Feminine Power 

This is it, where the rubber meets the road, where you will practice living in the Power of Your Femininity:

  • Get, deep in your body, which rituals will help you access the potency of your feminine energy each day
  • Develop a routine for bookend-ing your day in feminine energy
  • Learn an ancient ritual for reconnecting with your pleasure 
  • Cultivate love of your body in a way you likely never have before with this ritual
  • Discover another ancient ritual that deeply connects you with your wisdom and all of your feminine parts (a.k.a. power)


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*With your purchase, you will receive a 2 month membership to the R.E.D. Sisterhood. Should you decide to stay in the Sisterhood after your 2 months, you will be charged $88 per month or be given an offer to do an Annual membership. You're responsible for canceling but we will also send you emails reminding you.



2 months FREE in the R.E.D. Sisterhood™!

The R.E.D. Sisterhood is a special place. Very special. Kristin has cultivated a warm, loving, intimate environment where you will be able to be authentically yourself. You will turn to the sisterhood in times of pain, need, joy and transformation. Unlike most online communities, Kristin is personally involved and interacts with R.E.D. Sisterhood members every day, often appearing live on video.  

(Value $300 but really, it's priceless) Included With Power of Femininity™ Training


Weekly LIVE mentoring with Kristin!!

The weekly LIVE mentoring includes:

  • New Moon and Full Moon Rituals to connect you with your sacred femininity
  • RED Reveals, where Kristin teaches you directly from her life
  • Experience the frequency boost of working in Kristin’s energetic field.  

(Value $1,488) Included With Power of Femininity™ Training


Glowing Goddess Guide™ to Hormones!

The Glowing Goddess Guide™ to Hormones is over a decade and thousands of dollars worth of research, pared down into a readable, easy to understand format with tools that WORK.

  • Learn Kristin's top hacks, habits, and lifestyle changes for healthy balanced hormones at any stage of life
  • Get supplement recommendations  

(Actual price $88, Value $388)
Included With Power of Femininity™ Training

Confirmation from other women that learning from Kristin really works: 

This is a small sampling of the women (and their men) whose lives and relationships have dramatically improved as a result of Kristin's R.E.D. programs.  

She went from feeling hopeless, in a failing relationship, to turning it around and they are getting married in 3 weeks!!!!

Life before R.E.D., I felt empty, anxious and depressed. My sleep was minimal. My libido was at its all time lowest and I felt ugly inside and out. It was affecting all of my relationships. 

I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew my Lover wasn't giving me the attention I craved and we no longer seemed to desire one another. Even though I loved him, we were hanging on by a thread. I was certain he would leave me any day. I was feeling hopeless.

Then in came Kristin and her R.E.D. programs.  

I learned from Kristin how to be honest with myself first and then with my Lover and then my family. Things got real fast. A LOT had to be cleaned up. I had Kristin and the sisterhood to lean on for support and guidance.  

I went all in with Kristin's teachings and magically life changed. I felt more alive, hopeful and in my body. My Lover noticed me more and couldn’t keep his hands off me. 

The more I applied what I was learning the more opening, love, expansion and exploration I experienced with my Lover.

As I learned to effectively communicate with my Lover I found my deepest needs being met. As I learned to really listen to my man his heart opened. It has blown my mind at how far we have come in the four years since being in the R.E.D. programs. 

My Lover is now my fiancé and we are now married and guess who's marrying us? Our beloved Kristin. Only seems fitting. 

We both know that without Kristin and the R.E.D. programs, we wouldn’t have made it and that would have been a very sad thing to have lost indeed. 

ISOBEL PENNEL Dancing Eros Facilitator Santa Clara, California USA  

She now has what she has always longed and yearned for...her King.

What shifted for me through my journey with Kristin is that I actually became a Queen and managed to manifest a really amazing man in my life who treats me like his Queen, makes me feel loved, adored, respected, cherished, supported like never before...etc. 

It's really been life changing. I now have what I have always longed and yearned for. 

I learnt that to become a Queen, I needed a role model to show me how to be, how to move, walk, talk, eat, dance, love... like a Queen, and ultimately reign as a Queen, which Kristin modeled, and continues to model, beautifully. 

I found the Queen's Code, Become a Queen and Power of Femininity programmes to be so instrumental in launching my new career and helping me to excel in a very male environment, but doing so whilst honoring my own femininity.

In the Red Sisterhood, I find this beautiful and intimate space with loving, supportive, like-minded sisters which is such fun! I'm learning from my Sisters, which is helping to refine my ability around creating trust, safety, authentic relationship and communication. 

The biggest gift is the opportunity to live my most R.E.D. Life ever! And for that I am forever grateful to Kristin and my fellow Sisters for just being here for me and witnessing me on my journey. I feel so loved, so appreciated, and so very lucky to be part of this amazing Sisterhood!

Reitumetse Langa Sales Manager South Africa  

"one of the most potent and fiercely loving, generous teachers"

While many of us are out in the world "getting shit done" and achieving brilliant success, I've realized that the most beautiful gift we can give is our radiant feminine presence.  

Kristin is one of the most potent and fiercely loving, generous teachers of how to embody feminine radiance.  

Sister, if you're ready to sparkle in your life, please, please, please come join us!  

We're waiting for you to be arm in arm with your sisters, stepping into your R.E.D. life!  

Angie M Boulder, Colorado USA 

She learned super powers that elevated her from being lost and depleted to living as a Queen (plus she now has epic sisterhood)

Before learning about the power of my femininity, I had blips of joy and radiance then, it was almost entirely “fake it ’til you make it” with no knowledge of how it happened or how to make it last. It required more energy than I had available, my adrenals were shot and I was super sick and depleted.  

I was in pieces when I found Kristin, completely lost to mySelf. She has something so special that mirrored back to me what was possible. It took me years of working with her before I believed her, that I too could be a queen. With gentle precision and fierceness, she has given me tools and blessed me with super powers to learn to love and treat myself as a queen.  

My bar is set so high now for the quality of women and men I have in my life, professionally and personally, there is no difference. I am rich with true and deep friendships from the online RED sisterhood of queens, that Kristin has brought together.  

She is the real deal and who you have been waiting for. We have a throne waiting just for you, come join us!.

Jewels Harrison Park City, Utah  

She learned how to love and respect herself...

The journey has been magical. I have gained clarity, love, happiness and juiciness. 

Kristin taught me to love and respect myself and my inner knowing. I am a more relaxed mother, friend, co-worker. In fact, I am moving up in my current job big time, bigger office, more responsibilities, etc. Now I feel like I can go anywhere and just being me is enough.  

Anna Rissanen Entrepreneur Canada

As you consider reclaiming your Feminine Power, read this important note from Kristin:  

"If you decide to become one of several hundred women who will join us on this Power of Femininity™ journey, you get my wisdom, knowledge and expertise. But more than that, you get me. 

"I will be here with you every step of the way during your 7 weeks in this LIVE program and hopefully beyond. 

 "I am regularly told that no one offers what I do in terms of support combined with immense wisdom for this price. I do this out of my sense of service to women. 

"I am personally in the R.E.D. Sisterhood community (a tribe of 300+ women) nearly every single day, answering questions, coaching, etc. 

"This training is a combination of bite-size pre-recorded training, along with my LIVE trainings you overcome transformation challenges. Everything is recorded and I go back to read most of your comments and questions. 

"So long as you are showing up and doing the work, I will help you. Your new community of beautiful sisters will help you too.

"You will see once you get inside the R.E.D. Sisterhood community how much love, safety and generosity is available for you there. 

"I WILL deliver. Actually I will over deliver. I promise you that. 

"That said, should you decide to become my student, I will ask a lot of you.  

"I will ask you to be more conscious, to have more integrity, to be more gracious, to surrender to your highest self and to be more committed than possibly any other teacher has ever asked you to be.  

"That is the price I charge to give to you my knowledge, wisdom and supreme dedication.  

"If this does not feel like a 'heaven yes' to you, please pass on.  

"I only want to teach students who are eager to become true Goddesses, not those fake ones that wear silly outfits and declare themselves as such without ever doing the work. 

"Yes, we LOVE to wear silly outfits but we'll *also* do the work to become powerful Goddesses in this program. 

"This course is for those who, deep in your bones, want to claim the full power of your femininity.  

"With love and possibility, Kristin"