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Yes! You, too, can be happier, more magnetic, more alluring than ever... 


Do you ever feel like this...

10 years ago, I had this feeling....it was this sense that there was power in my femininity and that my worth and purpose on the planet wasn't just to kick ass at my job or kick ass at motherhood or anything else on my to-do list. 

But that there was something deeper. A magic formula to womanhood.

And as I looked around for role models to figure out "How do I live the power of my femininity in my everyday life?" 

There wasn't much. It was all flower crowns and boas or the rah rah of women who wanted to be superwomen. Neither felt powerful enough for me.

So I went on a journey myself.

And I'm going to be honest with you. That journey was really painful. But the beauty of it is: I figured out the way. I figured out how to live in my radiance. How to integrate my feminine power as part of my life. 

I want you to know you’re not alone. 

If you have any yearning for that. If you want any benefit from the wisdom that I gained on my journey. If you feel called to be a woman who lives in her feminine power. Who discovers the incredible gift of her radiance on a daily basis. 

If you're a woman who has some sense your feminine energy could help your health, could help your relationships, could help your parenting. That it could radically change how you experience life.

In my most radiant moments, I feel so alive. I feel so happy--I feel beyond happy, I feel bliss. 

And if that's something that you're longing for, join me for this program. It is one of my most special offerings: a sustained, live, immersion program. Because I know that being live with me is everything. 

It is time to be done with carrying everything on your shoulders. It is time for you to feel supported and taken care of, like the Queen you are. It is time for you to have it all:

 More Beauty. More Radiance. More Love.


Radiance Booty Camp™

Your Radiance is your greatest gift

Radiance Booty Camp™ is a LIVE and recorded mentoring program specifically designed to get YOU embodying your own radiance and feminine power -- using simple hacks that WORK!!!!!


The Radiance Booty Camp™ program includes: 

  • 3 weeks of daily immersion trainings with Kristin, designed to help rewire your brain
  • Intensive online support from Kristin's Team and the R.E.D. Sisterhood
  • Spontaneous pop-ups where Kristin answers Q's
  • Amazing Bonuses: Blissmas™, 2 months FREE in the R.E.D. Sisterhood™, the Fastest Path to Heal the Past, and more! 


"I learned to love being a woman again"

I learned to love being a woman again.  

This sisterhood and the work I've done along the way of being R.E.D. is the reason I am happily remarried.  

This gave me the safe place to work through manifesting the love of my life.


"Kristin is the real deal, no BS"

Kristin is the real deal, no BS.  

She's a deeply caring, perfectly imperfect, completely endearing woman, who celebrates being both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.  

I have learned deeper levels of trust and respect within the RED Sisterhood as well as many super useful life hacks.  

My only regret is not listening to my initial prompt to join. I missed a couple years of support and valuable learnings. 

KATHRYN D'LAIK Auckland, New Zealand 


Here's what you'll receive in this immersion program:


You'll have 3 weeks of LIVE daily immersion sessions with me. This will help you: 

  • Leverage the truth of brain science and habit-forming to set yourself up for sustained success.
  • See radiance practices modeled in ways you can intergrate into your daily life.
  • Benefit from having a Sisterhood to support you in your development of new habits.
  • Experience the frequency boost of working in my energetic field.


My bedroom is your virtual classroom! 

  • How often is a mentor willing to bring you into the intimacy of her life so you can learn from her actions rather than just her words?
  • Learn how to become a Goddess Rising by seeing EXACTLY what I do in the mornings to make sure my day is started with a connection to my feminine power.
  • Sleep is the most important aspect of living a rockin' life. I will teach you how to catch your Goddess Train and set yourself up for success in every other way. 


One of the deepest truths I understand is that EVERYTHING is energy.  

  • SO much of your life is influenced by the strongest energies you are exposed to each day. Let yourself be nourished by the energy that I will embody as your guide and that your RED Sisters will contribute to you and your community.
  • I can feel you all when doing a LIVE immersion session, which allows my teaching to be spontaneous, intuitive, perfectly responsive to the moment at hand. 


Get the insider scoop on the "Red Carpet Ready" secrets I spent tens of thousands of dollars acquiring, including:  

  • Nutritional supplements
  • How to rebalance your hormones
  • Beauty routines that enhance your radiance without toxic chemicals

"one of the most potent and fiercely loving, generous teachers"

While many of us are out in the world "getting shit done" and achieving brilliant success, I've realized that the most beautiful gift we can give is our radiant feminine presence

Kristin is one of the most potent and fiercely loving, generous teachers of how to embody feminine radiance. 

Sister, if you're ready to sparkle in your life, please, please, please come join us! 

We're waiting for you to be arm in arm with your sisters, stepping into your R.E.D. life! 

ANGIE M. Boulder, Colorado USA 

"No other program could have done all this for me"

This program and sisterhood will help change your life for the better. I know it changed mine in so many ways.  

I’m not an emotional wreck anymore. I trust my body and know what I need. I don’t go into drama anymore and won't allow it in my life anymore. And above all I trust and adore men again.  

There is no other program, sisterhood nor coach out there that could have done all this for me.  

Kristin rocks. She protects you, sees you and guides you.  

If there would be only one thing you choose to do for yourself, let it be this program and sisterhood so that it may change your life for the better as well. 

SABINE BAEYENS Antwerp, Belgium 

ENROLL NOW and you’ll get these additional BONUSES — FREE:


2 Free Months in R.E.D. Sisterhood, an intimate community of women who support one another to be more Radiant. Erotic. Divine. 

The R.E.D. Sisterhood is a special place. Very special. Kristin has cultivated a warm, loving, intimate environment where you will be able to be authentically yourself. You will turn to the sisterhood in times of pain, need, joy and transformation. Unlike most online communities, Kristin is personally involved and interacts with R.E.D. Sisterhood members every day, often appearing live on video. Specific benefits of R.E.D. Sisterhood are:

  • Intimate FB LIVES with Kristin where she teaches from her life
  • New Moon and Full Moon Rituals
  • And plenty of bonuses as she feels inspired!!  

 (Value $176 but really, it's priceless) Included With Radiance Booty Camp™


Full Moon Rituals New Moon Rituals

While all of these are included in your initial R.E.D. Sisterhood Membership, we want you to know how rich it is in helping you connect with the Divine Feminine within.

  • Full Moon Releasing Rituals
  • New Moon Commitment Rituals

(Value $628) Included With Radiance Booty Camp™



The holiday season can be one of the most stressful, radiance leaking times of the year. Blissmas™ is a BONUS 3 weeks added on to your Radiance Booty Camp™ journey!

  • Winter Solstice Celebration
  • Completions Process LIVE with Kristin
  • 5 Wishes Process LIVE with Kristin

(Value $628) Included With Radiance Booty Camp™


The Fastest Path to Heal the Past

This key to your radiance will heal your past at lightning speed...the RED way. This will be nothing like what you’ve learned in any other personal development workshop and will change your relationship to your personal power forever.

(Value $298) Included With Radiance Booty Camp™

"a place to truly be seen"

R.E.D. Sisterhood is a safe sacred place that is led and nurtured by Kristin and her mission and passion to help you discover the magic and power that is authentically who you are.  

This is an opportunity to discover that there are women searching to discover their wholeness along with you who will embrace you and hold space for you and support you as you grow; when you feel afraid and want to hide, they are there to love on you and celebrate your wins, both big and small.  

It's a place to truly be seen, listened to and heard.  

It's a place where you learn vital skills to not only improve your own life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but you are also given the framework to enhance and heal relationships in your life.  

R.E.D. Sisterhood is…

  •  a place to learn about living from a place of deep integrity  
  • a place to learn to truly have other women's backs  
  • a place to feel safe in pushing past long established blocks at your own pace 
  • a place to learn about healing and developing true friendships  
  • a place to risk revealing more and more of you - an empowered vibrant, radiant, sensual, erotic woman in all your divinity

SYBYL W. Jewelry Designer, Reiki Master, Legal Assistant, Vegan Chef Chicago, Illinois USA  

"the most amazing place to learn and grow"

I have found the most amazing place to learn and grow to be a better woman.  

In a world where the feminine has been forgotten, R.E.D. Sisterhood is a place of empowerment and support.  

It teaches you how to care for yourself, others, and to really have your own back.  

It’s a safe container to explore how to be your best you and then gives you the tools and support to become that you, your Queen.  

You get out what you put in, so I encourage you to come explore here. You will meet the most extraordinary women. I would be so excited to share this with you. 

LAUREN P. Richmond, Virginia USA 

Why this Sisterhood is magic...

As you open up into your feminine energies, one of your strongest needs will be for connection and community. My tools and hacks will help you strengthen your relationships with your loves, your family, your friends. And the R.E.D. Sisterhood gives you a safe and loving environment in which to practice these tools before "road testing" them in your day-to-day life.

Many of my students say that the Sisterhood is the safest community the've ever been a part of. My team and I are fiercely loving in maintaining a container of safety, confidentiality and personal responsibility for all our benefit. 

"sacred, deep, and life changing"

This is the best value in Feminine personal development out there! Being held in the container Kristin creates is beyond valuable.  

Kristin provides a very unique and special combination of sensual and sexual exploration, energy awareness and practices, sisterhood, accountability and consciousness raising!  

Also, the R.E.D. Sisterhood is sacred, deep, and life changing. 


"an expert in embodying what she teaches"

Let me tell you why I love the R.E.D. programs.  

First, Kristin is FIERCE! She is loving and generous and an expert in embodying what she teaches.  

She is also grounded while teaching us how to shift our energy and our thoughts and our reality.  

Her motto of Progress not Perfection allows anyone who does the program the key to succeed and continue on our journey instead of giving up.  

And the Sisterhood, absolutely priceless!  

This is one of the safest places that you can shine or wallow and be seen, felt and loved by a community of women.  

Quite simply, there is no other on-line program that I would recommend if you are truly seeking to live a more radiant, erotic and divine life! 

MARY S. Paris, France 

Radiance Booty Camp™ 2020 Schedule

Welcome, November 9th - November 15th

  • Monday 11/9, 5:00 p.m. EST Kickoff and Welcome Call
  • Wednesday 11/11 9:00 p.m. EST Radiance Leaks LIVE
  • Friday 11/13 5:00 p.m. EST Red Life Rocks Chart and Sabotage LIVE
  • Red Agreements Training
  • BONUS: The Fastest Path to Heal the Past

Week 1, November 16th - November 22nd

  • Sunday 11/15, 7:30 p.m. EST New Moon Ritual LIVE
  • Daily immersions at 12:00 p.m. EST (starting Monday, 11/16)

Week 2, November 23rd - November 29th

  • Daily immersions at 12:00 p.m. EST

Week 3, November 30th - December 6th

  • Daily immersions at 12:00 p.m. EST
  • Monday 11/30 9:00 p.m. EST Full Moon Ritual LIVE

NOTE: Kristin is going to want to offer you support during Blissmas™, so set aside Wednesday evenings for Red Reveals. Kristin will likely also pick some daytime slots to allow our international sisters a chance to be LIVE! 

BONUS Week 4, December 7th - December 13th 

  • Possible BONUS week of daily immersions at 12:00 p.m. EST

BONUS Week 5, December 14th - December 20th 

  • BONUS: Blissmas™
  • Monday 12/14 9:00 p.m. EST New Moon Ritual + Kristin Birthday Celebration LIVE

BONUS Week 6, December 21st - December 27th 

  • BONUS: Blissmas™
  • BONUS: Monday 12/21 9:00 p.m. EST Winter Solstice Celebration LIVE

BONUS Week 7, December 28th - January 3rd

  • BONUS: 2020 Completions and Five Wishes for 2021 (LIVE date and time TBD) 


Q: What does the Radiance Booty Camp™ program entail? 

A: Three full weeks of FB LIVES with Kristin, supplemented by additional videos to deepen your learning of core concepts, and an intimate sisterhood to support you in your training. You also receive handouts to help illustrate your learning. 

A very, very important part of your program includes the intimate R.E.D. Sisterhood community. Women come for my trainings but they stay for the Sisterhood. It is unlike anything you've experienced and will likely heal your past hurts with women.  

Q: What format is the Radiance Booty Camp™ program delivered in?  

A: We use email, FB and google docs to deliver most of the content to you. At the end of the program, you will be sent a document with all of the downloads. This program is yours to own for life.  

Q: When does the Radiance Booty Camp™ program start and end?  

A: It starts on November 16th and officially ends on December 6th.  However, you have the option to earn an additional week of LIVE Daily Immersions with me, plus 3 BONUS weeks of Blissmas™!

Q: Is this program Live or recorded?  

A: Much of this program is offered in LIVE sessions with me. I will then give you the recordings on Facebook and as downloads at the end of the program so you can revisit the content as often as you would like to.  

Q: How much time do I need each week to be successful?  

A: That is totally up to you. Daily immersions should take about 20 minutes each day, though some days will be longer sessions and some will be shorter, depending on what I am reading in the energy of the moment.  

The women who are going to be the most successful are the ones who ask me questions, who do the homework, who really make this training a priority in their lives.

Most women fill their lives with busy-ness that just does NOT matter. I would recommend you do an assessment to see if you need to make more room in your life for this, if it’s important enough to you.  

Q: Will I miss out if I can’t be LIVE or I’m going on vacation or have to work?  

A: No. First of all, everything is recorded. Second, I do not want you to let a vacation or other commitment prevent you from joining this program. I will not offer it again until 2021. That’s too long to wait.  

You will get all of the downloads at the end of the program to revisit as many times as you like. You will also have the sisterhood to support you should you be gone for a bit.  

Q: What if I live in another timezone such as Africa, Europe, Asia or Australia? 

A: Our students are literally from all over the world. For the FB LIVES with Kristin, oftentimes Europeans, Africans and Australians will watch on replay and that is totally fine!  

"everything I've been searching for and more"

Kristin’s R.E.D. teachings include things I was never taught growing up - absolutely invaluable things.  

I’ve learned how to navigate relationship challenges and how to come out with more love on the other side.  

My relationship with my wife is on the up and up after years of going aloof, not communicating, not getting needs met, and secret resentment. I can't wait to see how we continue to progress!  

Overall, every aspect of my life is better with R.E.D.  

It’s been everything I’ve been searching for and more. 

BRIDGET McELVAIN Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist and Kinstretch Instructor Boulder, Colorado USA 

"opened my eyes to what life as a woman CAN be"

Joining the R.E.D. programs has opened my eyes to what life as a woman CAN be.  

Learning to recognize, and how to change, old old patterns that come all the way from childhood has been so freeing to the soul.  

The simple joy of being in my feminine, of letting my radiance shine, has soothed the hurts, and released the resentments.  

I now feel like I actually have some power over my life and relationships which has brought much happiness.  

It has reignited my sexuality and taught me to appreciate my body and ALL of it's parts - even the ones I think are not as I'd like them to be. And I have only just begun to learn - imagine what is yet to come as I continue on this path.

LAURA T. San Rafael, California USA 

Why immersion is everything...

We've all had the experience on pledging to build a new habit--perhaps making a New Year's Resolution--only to lose momentum along the way.

We all know that it takes sustained, repeated practice to rewire your brain and help new habits stick around. What we don't talk about as much is how hard it can be to sustain daily practice in isolation.

This is why working in immersions with Kristin and the R.E.D. Sisterhood during Radiance Booty Camp™ is one of the key levers that will help set you up for sustained success!

"I'm learning to live a radiant, erotic, and divine life"

Kristin is insightful, compassionate and so generous as a coach and mentor.  

I have learned so much from her about living in my feminine and being a Queen in my life.  

One of the best aspects of learning from Kristin is she teaches us to make progress and be happy with that; to not aim for perfection, which is impossible and so self-defeating.  

I’m learning to live a radiant, erotic and divine life step by step and concept by concept and I truly feel supported by Kristin and her team and my R.E.D. sisters. 

JOAN T. New York, New York USA 

"I've truly never encountered a teacher like Kristin"

I’ve truly never encountered a teacher like Kristin. She has a deep understanding of masculine and feminine dynamics, communication and energy.  

She regularly has jaw dropping, needle moving insights.  

The container she fiercely and lovingly holds is sacred medicine in itself.  

Please do not underestimate the value found in having access to Kristin, especially in the live format.  

Kristin is magnetic, graceful, wise and loving. We all learn from her example.  

The shifts in your life that you can have by embracing the R.E.D. programs are the incredibly powerful, embodied deep in your bones, meaningful shifts. 

CANDICE W. Geological Engineer London, England United Kingdom 

Summary of exactly what you'll get...

To summarize, the Radiance Booty Camp™ program is a 5 week program which includes:  

  • 3 weeks of daily immersion trainings with Kristin, designed to help rewire your brain
  • Handouts to illustrate certain concepts
  • Intensive online support from Kristin and the R.E.D. Sisterhood
  • Spontaneous pop-ups where Kristin answers Q's
  • 3 BONUS weeks of Blissmas™ to have the most radiant end to 2020!
  • 2 month membership to R.E.D. Sisterhood (totally worth the price of admission)
  • Kristin's unique toolkit to discern where your radiance is leaking out and how to hack it so those leaks are plugged.
  • A copy of Kristin's Intro Glowing Goddess Guide
  • Kristin's unparalleled Red Life Rocks system

"Kristin is the teacher, guide, and mentor you've been looking for"

You have reached a fork in the road:  

Option 1: Continue on the path you’ve been following and you will most likely see the same frustrating results.  

Option 2: Trust that this opportunity comes as an answer to your desire for something better for yourself and your life.  

Kristin is the teacher, guide, and mentor you’ve been looking for and the R.E.D. Sisterhood is full of the love and support of sisters your soul has been longing for.  

I have been a member since 2013 and my life is completely transformed from who I was when I started.  

I can honestly say that Kristin has delivered on every promise of providing me the tools to be a Queen and to live a Radiant, Erotic, and Divine life.