Terms of the Offer ~ Super Pussy Training


You must be 18 years old or older to participate in Super Pussy Training™.  You must use your own credit card or debit card.

You will be charged a Pay In Full amount of $698 if you choose to pay in full or a Payment Plan of 3 payments of $268 per month for Super Pussy Training™.

Within your first 72 hours of signing up for the program, should you decide not to participate in Super Pussy Training™, KSM International, LLC (“KSM,” “us” or “we”) will issue a refund of the purchase price actually paid by you, provided that you email your request for a refund within 72 hours after signing up for the program to info@redsisterhood.com. No refunds will be granted for any reason if the request is not emailed to info@redsisterhood.com within 72 hours of purchase. No exceptions will be made.

All charges associated with this order will appear on your bill under the name: KSM International LLC. If you are a member of another program offered by KSM or any of its subsidiaries, you will be billed and charged separately by KSM or one of its subsidiaries, as applicable, for any such program.

You may email info@redsisterhood.com anytime to contact customer service for help.


As a condition of enrollment in Super Pussy Training (the “Program”) presented by KSM International (“KSM”) the enrolled participant (“You” or “Your”) agrees to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”):

  1. As between You, any person or entity claiming through You, and KSM, KSM owns all right, title and interest (including without limitation, all rights of copyright and trademark) in and to any recorded, written and/or graphic materials (whether in printed, digital, electronic or other form) (the "Materials") which are delivered to You or to which You have access in connection with the Program. You agree that You will not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell or exhibit the Materials without the prior written consent of KSM. You acknowledge that KSM will suffer irreparable harm in the event that You violate the provisions of this paragraph 1 and, therefore, KSM may obtain injunctive relief to prevent any actual or threatened breach by you of this paragraph, and that no bond shall be required as a condition precedent to obtaining such relief.

  2. By joining the Program you are agreeing to keep what is shared highly confidential.  KSM and its members take very seriously the confidentiality of all individuals that participate in the R.E.D. Sisterhood programs.  This includes all students, all employees, all contractors and Kristin Sweeting Morelli.  You shall not share any photos, posts, gifs, memes, videos, information gleaned from posts or any other information gleaned from the following which includes but is not limited to emails, pod meetings, coaching calls, Facebook posts, community gatherings, live events, live streams, etc.  Should you violate the terms of this provision, you will be immediately removed from all KSM International programs and every legal remedy available to the extent of the law will be enforced against you.

  3. Further, KSM views the privacy of members in the R.E.D. Sisterhood to be of utmost importance due to the personal and sensitive nature of the information shared by R.E.D. Sisterhood members and Kristin Sweeting Morelli within its membership sites. You agree to uphold, protect and respect the right of privacy of each of Your fellow participants as well as that of the R.E.D. Sisterhood and Kristin Sweeting Morelli. Should You violate this privacy in any way we shall reserve the right to seek injunctive relief in the State District Court for Boulder County, Colorado to prevent You from causing further harm to KSM, our brand reputation and/or any of our members. We also reserve the right to seek damages for any violations of this section of the agreement.

  4. You further agree to treat Your fellow participants and everyone involved with the Program with respect, and to refrain from any potentially offensive statements or conduct at any time.  You also agree to uphold the R.E.D. Agreements which will be provided to you upon your approval to join the R.E.D. Sisterhood Facebook group.  Failure to uphold the R.E.D. Agreements can result in your immediate dismissal with no option for refund.

  5. You acknowledge that KSM will collect or record information relating to Your participation in the Program, including video recordings of You, audio recordings of You and any written communication, including on the Community site. You further acknowledge that KSM promotes its future programs, in part, by distributing video and audio recordings, and testimonials of its past programs. You hereby irrevocably give KSM permission to use and distribute video and audio recordings of Your likeness and voice, photos, and to use Your name and any written material by You to promote its future programs in perpetuity throughout the world without any additional consideration to You.

  6. KSM and its agents disclaim any and all warranties (including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, and/or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) regarding the Program or the results You may achieve from participating in the Program. The testimonials and examples used in the Program are exceptional results, do not apply to every participant, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that You will achieve the same or similar results. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss and there is no guarantee that You will receive any benefit as a result of participating in the Program.

  7. During the Program, You may participate in exercises involving self-examination and You may experience emotional or physical reactions. You acknowledge that the Program leaders are not medical doctors or mental health professionals. You assume all risks relating to Your participation in the Program and You hereby release KSM from all claims and liabilities based on any harm or loss You suffer as a result of Your participation in the Program, even if caused by the negligence of KSM. You represent that You do not suffer from any psychological, physical or other condition that could pose a threat of harm to You, to KSM’s employees or agents, or any volunteers or other Program participants. You understand and agree that the Program is not, and is not promoted as, a substitute for psychotherapy and is not therapeutic in nature. You understand that any value you obtain from the Program, You obtain via your own free will and participation. To the extent not already covered herein, you hereby forever release KSM, its principals, investors, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, contractors and agents from, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold each of them harmless against, any loss, liability, or damages suffered as a result of your voluntary participation in the Program.

  8. You further acknowledge that the Program contains adult language and content that some may find offensive. You certify that You are an adult over the age of 18, and that You freely and voluntarily seek to participate in the Program, with full knowledge that You will be exposed to such content.

  9. You acknowledge that all payments for participation in the Program are non-refundable, except where described in the introductory section, and you expressly agree and do hereby waive any and all rights to seek full or partial refund of any payments made by you, whether you contend that such rights arise by statute, common law, or in equity. If You purchase the Program using the Payment Plan and for any reason fail to make any payment in full when due, You will no longer have access to any course materials, KSM will not refund any prior payments and KSM intends to pursue all methods available for collection. If You choose to cancel Your participation in the Program for any reason, You will lose all access to the Program and the Materials at that time but you are still required to make all payments pursuant to the Payment Plan You purchased. KSM shall have the right to cancel any Program for any reason. We will not be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages, or any loss of revenue, profits or data, arising in connection with this Agreement, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. In the event that KSM is found to have breached this Agreement in any way, the maximum amount of damages for which KSM will be liable shall not exceed the amount that You have paid to KSM for participation in the program.

  10. KSM and its agents disclaim any and all warranties (including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, and/or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose) or the results You may achieve regarding any third party program, product, and/or service provided to You as an incentive or bonus for signing up for KSM’s Program.

  11. You agree that you will not engage in any conduct or communications with a third party, public or private, designed to disparage the Red Tent Revival™, Kristin Sweeting Morelli, her companies, the R.E.D. Sisterhood™ Program, My RED Life™, or any student, including, but not limited to, any comment, statement, declaration, information, opinion, or communication of any kind, whether verbal, in writing, electronically transferred, or otherwise, that might reasonably be construed to be derogatory, defamatory, libelous, or slander.  Violation of this provision shall result in Kristin Sweeting Morelli and/or her companies enforcing every legal remedy available to the extent of the law against you.

  12. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or delete portions of these Terms of Use at any time without notice, and it is your responsibility to review these Terms of Use for any changes. Your use of the Website following any change to these Terms of Use will constitute your assent to and acceptance of the revised Terms of Use.

  13. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating in any way to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be settled exclusively by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Said arbitration shall occur in Boulder County, Colorado. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction (including, without limitation, the exercise of personal jurisdiction over you) and venue of such arbitrator(s) to adjudicate any dispute between us and expressly waive any objection thereto based upon lack of personal jurisdiction, improper venue or inconvenient forum, or any other reason whatsoever. In the event that KSM prevails in any litigation between us, including any appeal therefrom, we shall be awarded, in addition to any other relief to which we may be entitled, our costs and attorney’s fees. Arbitration shall proceed solely on an individual basis without the right for any claims to be arbitrated on a collective action basis, class action basis or on bases involving claims brought in a purported representative capacity on behalf of others. The arbitrator’s authority to resolve and make written awards is limited to claims between you and us alone. Claims may not be joined or consolidated unless agreed to in writing by all parties. No arbitration award or decision will have any preclusive effect as to issues or claims in any dispute with anyone who is not a named party to the arbitration. Notwithstanding the foregoing arbitration clause, either party expressly reserves the right to seek injunctive relief against the other in a court of law for breach of this Agreement or violation of federal, state or local laws or regulations, however, any such cause of action for injunctive relief must be brought in the State District Court for Boulder County, Colorado, which Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear such claim(s) and to which both parties hereby expressly consent to jurisdiction.

  14. Under no circumstances will KSM be liable to You or any other person for any damages arising from Your agreement to these Terms and Conditions, enrollment and/or participation in the Program (whether actual, exemplary, punitive, consequential, special, incidental, direct or indirect damages) which exceed the amount actually paid by You to participate in the Program.


    In consideration of being permitted to participate in the Program, your receipt of the Program materials, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which You hereby acknowledge, You hereby expressly agree to release KSM, its principals, investors, shareholders, officers, directors, employees, contractors and agents from, and agree to indemnify, defend and hold each of them harmless against, any loss, liability, damage, cost and expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) that You or any third party may incur due to Your participation in the Program (the “Release From Liability”). You understand and agree that this Release From Liability may be pleaded as a full and complete defense to, and the parties hereby consent that it may be used as the basis for an injunction against, any action, suit or other proceeding based on claims released by this Release from Liability. You hereby acknowledge that you have read and voluntarily accept the Terms and Conditions and the Release from Liability, and further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements have been made to You in connection therewith. The Terms and Conditions constitute the full and entire understanding and agreement between You and KSM. The Terms and Conditions may only be amended or modified by a written instrument executed by both You and KSM. THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT WITH LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. BY AGREEING TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, YOU ARE GIVING UP RIGHTS YOU MAY OTHERWISE HAVE.

    By entering my initials on the R.E.D. Sisterhood order form I agree that I have read and understand the terms of participation and agree to be bound by same. I further acknowledge and understand that the R.E.D. Sisterhood Program contains adult language and content that some may find offensive. I certify that I am an adult over the age of 18, and that I freely and voluntarily seek to participate in the Program, with full knowledge that I will be exposed to such content.